WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version 2022 (Anti-Ban) Free Download

Mobile Devices made a lot of revolution in everyone’s life as it reduces the distance between people who lives overseas. Now people can communicate through calls or messages without any interruption. But here comes one crucial thing, which is the level of security, as people’s top priority is their security whenever they talk to their loved ones on any platform. By considering this topic, WhatsApp launched, which is currently owned by the company ‘Meta.’ There are already more than five Billion downloads of WhatsApp on the Play Store. 

Today in this article, we’ll introduce you to one of the top requested Applications, which is WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2022— which you can call brother of its original version with more exciting and excellent features. Now, there’ll be no risk to your privacy because WhatsApp Plus APK already offers its users an element of end-to-end encryption where your messages or calls get encrypted. This means no one (not even WhatsApp) can read your messages, the only one who can read your call or texts is the person at the other end of chatting. 


WhatsApp Plus Download doesn’t demand any extra payment to access its most demanding features. All of its components are unlocked with better performances ever than before; feel free to download it. Get your APK and Impress your friends as they already have the standard version of WhatsApp, which is quite dull and lazy.

Information About File

Application NameWhatsApp Plus APK
Application VersionUpdated (Latest)
Android Version4.0 or above
License InformationFreeware
Recent Update2 Days Ago

More Information about WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK was introduced in 2012 by a famous Spanish Developer Rafalete, a senior member of XDA. He made changes in its original version by adding new functionalities and designing a new attractive interface. A new app icon was also introduced with Blue color replacing the previous one, which was green. 

After Rafalete, two more developers came forward to introduce their WhatsApp Plus as well. One is HeyMods, who built this MOD version which was quite similar to the Rafalete WhatsApp Plus. The only difference is related to the occupation of space; HeyMods WhatsApp needs more space as it comes with more resources required to install the Application.

AlexMods is another developer who owns WhatsApp Plus and four other MODs developed at the same time. These APK’s are secure in a zip, and you need to extract the file before the installation. But this WhatsApp has one bad aspect as it does not install on all kinds of devices.

But Don’t you worry as our website offers you the most popular WhatsApp, which Rafalete creates.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK offers features similar to its standard version, including chats (backups and updations), statues, calls, themes, linked devices, labels, broadcasts, groups, and tools. But many aspects distinguish it from the original WhatsApp. 

Those exciting features are listed below.

More Emoticons

Emoticons in any conversation express your feelings truly as they make a significant impact in every chatting and develop the conversation deeper. The regular Application already includes a library for its users where many different face emojis are there. But as we are talking about the special version, the library in this WhatsApp got big, and the emoticons from Google Hangouts are imported. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that these emoticons will only be visible in the messages if the person at the receiving end is also a WhatsApp Plus user. So the regular users won’t see these emojis they only introduced for the special edition. 

Themes And Colors

You can choose from different themes in WhatsApp Premium Plus APK as it offers a remarkable collection of themes that are all versatile and unique in their way. The beautiful customization includes text or buttons, colors, and other graphics views. In comparison, these customs are not available in WhatsApp’s original version. More than 700 eye-catching themes are included in WhatsApp Plus, which will get downloaded with the app. Please don’t bother about separately downloading them. In the themes options, you can apply any theme to your profile, arranged by date and name. 

Better File Sharing Options

Usually, on WhatsApp, you are bound to upload files up to 16MB, so any file more than 16MB won’t be sent. But when you are a user of WhatsApp Plus MOD APK, you can send files up to 50MB, which is more advantageous for the users. And all this will be done by the advance file sharing option, which is not available in regular WhatsApp. Along with that, you can also do modifications in files from 2MB to 50MB.

Auto Reply

The Auto-Reply is a brilliant feature also accessible in WhatsApp Business App. You can send any message at any time and place to some specific person by setting some configurations about it. This feature is also available for WhatsApp Plus APK. 

Turn Off Recording Status

In WhatsApp Plus APK, you can now easily hide your recording status from your contact list to maintain your privacy and seclusion. 


Through Cleaner, you can clear any of your chat and its media; you can also remove all of your browsing history or data, which should not be visible to anyone. The significant benefit of Cleaner is that you wouldn’t need to install any third-party Junk cleaning application with this.

More Wallpapers

WhatsApp Plus APK also offers an extensive library of fancy and beautiful wallpapers, which you’ll love surely. As nowadays, people set up background wallpapers of their pictures or different incredible views. Considering this, the developer of WhatsApp Plus designed unlimited wallpapers, which you can apply to your chatting background to give the chatbox an entirely new look. 

Fonts And their Stylings

You’ll see a list of font styles, sizes, and different color codes in this feature. Apply each one of them to see which one suits you and attracts your eyes. You won’t get bored of these font styles because WhatsApp Plus already offers countless fonts unique to normal ones.

Maintaining History Logs

If you are a WhatsApp Plus user, you’ll be able to keep track of your activities done with your account. It’s a handy feature to help you find the task you have performed on a specific date. While original WhatsApp doesn’t include this feature.

More Hiding Options

As WhatsApp user, people get disturbed whenever they get interrupted by their contacts who starts messaging or calling them whenever seeing them online. To avoid this, you can activate the hiding option. Also, if you upload status for some particular person and don’t want others to watch them, then this hiding option will also help you out.


WhatsApp Plus is the best Application for sharing your memories with your loved ones as you share any audio file up to 100MB or a video file up to 50MB. You can also share pictures captured with HD cameras as now the pixels of your image won’t get disturbed. The simple WhatsApp does not support this feature.

Calling Options

You’ll be able to experience a more advanced wide calling option. This option helps you make more new friends by taking them on live calls as now you can add more than eight people in a video call, voice call, or even in a group call.


WhatsApp Blue APK comes with an anti-ban feature and will keep your account secure and private. You won’t get any restriction from the WhatsApp authority. Feel free to join the application and get access to all the heart-throb features.

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK on any android device?

Downloading and installing the normal WhatsApp APK is very simple. While in the case of WhatsApp Plus, you need to do some specific actions for its successful installation.

  • Hit the download link button given on our websites to download WhatsApp Plus.
  • As you download the app, your next task will be its installation, which is simple.
  • To get a Backup of your chats, open your WhatsApp and go to your settings->chats-> Backup.
  • Tap the backup button and wait until the backup chatting notification reaches 100%.
  • Now, uninstall your WhatsApp by going to Settings->apps->WhatsApp->Uninstall and pressing the uninstall button
  • You already downloaded the WhatsApp Plus APK from the above link, so it’s time to install it on your device.
  • As the installation gets finished, your app will be ready to use. Enter your mobile number and verify the pin code sent on your registered number.
  • Enter your name, which will be shown to other WhatsApp users and all ready.

What are the views of users about WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an app that puts you in an all-new world of communication because of its extraordinary features. Now you can customize your profile by picking up your favorite theme. The chat windows also have some fantastic looks as hundreds of background wallpapers are freely available. In short, the WhatsApp Plus presentation will be entirely different from its original version. Often more from these numerous inspiring features, you’ll never get bored. It’s the right time to download this Application from the above-given link and enjoy the magnificent features now.

You may have heard about the TikTok application, which is another top-notch social media app along with WhatsApp, but how about TikTok++ with the double fun app? Yes, now you can enjoy TikTok++, which is entirely free to download and provides you with more awesome content than its original version.

Want to use WhatsApp Plus APK? Follow these method to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus now

As you’ll not find this Application on Play Store, so you’ll have to download it from the WhatsApp Plus website. Get your download and install it on your device. After that, follow these steps. 

Step-1: Backup your WhatsApp

As you are switching your WhatsApp App, your next step should be backing up your WhatsApp data, and for that, you’ll need third-party software. My suggestion is to use dr.fone as it’s perfect for mobile solutions. Download and install on your PC. 

Step-2: Connect your mobile to PC

Your second step will be connecting your device to your PC; you can use a USB cable for it. Then open dr.fone, which was downloaded earlier on your PC. Choose the backup option to start and wait for it to finish up. This will take around some minutes and will easily backup your entire data in one touch.

Step-3: Check your backup data

As the Backup got to finish, you can view it on your PC to confirm if the job is successfully done.

Step-4: Restore your Backup to the new WhatsApp Plus

Your final job will be to move your data to your new Application. Choose the restore WhatsApp tab to do this job and make your app ready to show your messages. 

After all the steps are followed, you can view your chats and their media on your WhatsApp Plus account.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the most popular and top-demanding chatting Applications developed with modifications in official WhatsApp. This Application has already millions of users because of its new and more advanced functionalities, which you’ll never find in official WhatsApp. Hiding last seen and your status from specific contacts, reading the deleted messages, themes updates, and more. Enjoy its features in a friendly environment as it’s also one of the cheapest ways of communication with your family who are miles away. 

System Requirements

  • Any device with android version 4.0 or above can efficiently run this Application
  • Want to install this Application on a non-rooted device? No worries, because this Application is easily installable on rooted or non-rooted devices.
  • To avoid device interruption during the installation of WhatsApp Plus, please make sure that you have activated the unknown resources acceptance option. 

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Download Updated Features

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Download Updated Features

  • The bugs which were reported in the previous version of WhatsApp Plus are now fixed.
  • Enjoy the new feature of translation comprehensively as now Spanish, Portuguese, Italy, etc., languages are also added. 
  • The icons of notifications, Application and the splash screen are also updated. There are also many new emojis that are introduced to express emotions. 

What’s New

More Features

  • Online and offline mark status is added
  • Mention marks are also added
  • Added Loading themes through ZIP files 
  • Long tap on the status caption to copy it easily
  • Now the forward limit is raised to 250, but you should try it at your own risk
  • New and better user interface during copying the message from message bubble (Bubble highlight -> menu dots -> Message selection)
  • The search box is more advance with better results
  • More wallpapers with custom designs 
  • Hiding recent chats option (Re-added) 
  • Hiding other contacts option (Re-added)
  • Hiding frequent contacts (Re-added)
  • The emojis library update with better reactions

Bugs Fixation

  • Swipe row crashing is not fixed
  • No backup found issue fixed
  • Fixed crashes in group messaging 
  • Sending messaging in groups taking too much time than normal chat fixed now
  • Menu closing crashes also improved in the WhatsApp Plus new version
  • Fixed Resetting the preferences also set the wallpaper to default
  • Many other user interface improvements
  • Find more diversity in using WhatsApp Plus Application
  • Blue ticks on replying crashes fixed
  • Issue of status splitting is also resolved on all devices


WhatsApp Plus is undoubtedly a dream chatting Application as it has all of the functionalities and features that no other version of WhatsApp offers. Now is the time to download this Application and show its diversity to your friends. Get yourself ready as there is no more time to waste and download WhatsApp Plus APK.

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