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Updated to version 1.05e!

Do you love to watch romantic serials or movies and play games like that full of action and fun? If yes, then we have information about a game that will fulfill your needs, and you will enjoy it. The Dog Princess APK is a game in which you learn many skills and enjoy the action theme of the game. It was developed by the Happy Lam Barn, who introduced a unique story in the game.

In this game, the player can protect the main character and his duty to keep her happy in every situation. Moreover, the player had to complete a lot of challenges and he had to face many tasks. By completing the tasks and missions, the player can achieve many rewards, and the player will also be able to upgrade the tools and many more features. 

The Dog Princess APK (Latest Version 1.05e) Download for Android

The game is divided into many chapters through which the gameplay becomes more attractive, and the players can understand the game more easily. In this method, the players must complete the tasks and mission, and then they can move toward the next chapter easily. Puzzle mode also improves the game of the players, and it also helps to move toward the next chapter of the game.  

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What is The Dog Princess APK?

The Dog Princess is a game that has a unique storyline with a lot of chapters, tasks, and puzzles. The players have to solve the puzzle by collecting many resources and ways to move toward the next chapter of the game. This game has an impressive environment with action and an attractive theme that attracts the players toward the game.

The Dog Princess APK (Latest Version 1.05e) Download for Android

The player has to face a lot of challenges during the process of protecting the princess from the evils, and the player has to solve puzzles in this process. When the princess is in the jai, she accidentally touches the magical vase, and she is turned into a dog. The player has first to protect the princess, and he has to change her into her original form.

In this game, the player also gets a chance to improve their gaming skills by completing a lot of challenges and tasks. The main motive of the game is to change the form of the girl into real; in the whole process, you have to need some tools or weapons to kill the evils, and after the player completes the process successfully. He will rewarded with amazing prizes, gifts, and many more.

The Dog Princess APK (Latest Version 1.05e) Download for Android

Main Features 

  • Storyline  
  • Numerous skills 
  • Graphics 
  • Adult system 
  • Many players 
  • Puzzles 
  • Numerous chapters 
  • Sound
  • Improvement method 
  • Interface 
  • Easy to access 
  • Download 


In this game, you will explore the impressive environment features of the game with a great storyline. The player will play the role of protector of the princess, and he has to improve his skills by practicing.

Numerous skills 

In this, the player will learn a lot of skills; these skills are helpful during the process of finding and protecting the princess and also helpful to improve your skills. 

The Dog Princess APK 1.05e Download for Android


The graphics of this game are 2D, which can improve the animation of the game and give some realistic touch to the game, which can attract the player toward the game. 

The Dog Princess APK (Latest Version 1.05e) Download for Android

Adult system 

This game has some Adult content that is not understandable by the child. It is adult-based content so that the player will enjoy its amazing features.

Many characters

In this game, the player will be met with a lot of characters that play the role of enemies, castle people, kingdom, and many more.


You have to solve many puzzles to move to the next chapter of the game; these puzzles also help you find the princess. 

Key Features

  • Exploration mode 
  • A lot of chapters 
  • Many characters 
  • New Music Library
  • Revamped User Interface
  • Enhanced Graphic Quality
  • Upgraded  Mechanics
  • Expanded Storyline
  • Additional Customization Options
  • Optimized Performance
  • Lots of new animations
  • Play the role of the protector  
  • Outfits new collection
  • Attractive gameplay 
  • Addition of animation 
  • Addition of skins
  • Mapping mode with guidelines
  • Music library with an additional soundtrack
  • And many more 

Pros and Cons


  • The storyline with great exploration and a lot of fun 
  • Different RPG 
  • Inscription puzzles
  • Adult System 
  • Animation and great features 
  • No Ads 


  • Some levels have low graphics 
  • No mod mode 

Game Modes 

  • Explore the castle 
  • Animation 
  • Endless mode 
  • Graphics  
  • Feedback 
  • No ads 
  • Free of cost 
  • Multiple languages 
  • Upgrade 
  • Easy to download 
  • Attractive theme
  • And many more 

What is the new The Dog Princess APK?

In the latest version of The Dog Princess APK, you can enjoy the new and old features with more intense qualities; unlocking skill is the most unique and attractive feature of the game because it is helpful for the player to improve their skill by practicing it. Moreover, in this game, the new and interesting feature is the upgraded power of the players; by using these features, the player can upgrade the ability of the player and also the ability of the features. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Can we play The Dog Princess APK offline?

Yes, you will play The Dog Princess offline, also like the same feature in the online mode.

Is The Dog Princess APK safe to play and Download?

Yes, The Dog Princess is safe to play and download, but its features can be harmful to your device. 

Is The Dog Princess APK suitable for kids?

No, this game is not suitable for the kids because of its adult content.

How many puzzles are in this game?

Yes, you will enjoy a lot of puzzles in this game that will help you to improve your skills in finding and protecting the princess.  


The Dog Princess APK is a game about a princess whom some dangerous evils will imprison, and nobody has the ability to redeem the princess from the dangerous evil. The player of this game is the second main character of the game, and he has the motive to escape the princess from danger by using his greater skills. The player has to complete a lot of tasks and challenges to move toward the next chapter of the game. The princess accidentally touches the magical vase in prison, and she gets the face of a dog, She has to change her form to the original form. In this game, you will also learn a lot of skills that will help you to escape the princess and more game features. 


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