Shadow Fight 4 APK 1.8.20 (Download Latest Version 2024)

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  • Android 5.1+
  • Version: 1.8.20
  • 192.66 MB

Updated to version 1.8.20!

Do you love to play fighting and action games? If yes, we have information about a fighting game with many amazing features and outstanding fighting skills. Shadow Fight 4 is an action-plus game developed by NEKKI and released on 3 November 2020. In this, you enjoy a lot of features and learn unlimited skills.

Nikke is the game developer, so they are struggling to improve the game by adding new features and skills. After some time, they update the game for the addition of updated features and skills into the game. The updated version of this game is uploaded on 18 January 2024. In this latest version, you can unlock many features that are not easily unlocked in older game versions.

This game fills very little space for your device because it has a low capacity of

192.66 MBs, so you do not need to worry about your storage. This requires an Android 5.1+ device to run this game, and you can easily download this game from our website without any cost.

In this game you can learn the use of a lot of weapons for your protection against the enemies. From the start of the game, you have to focus on the fighting skills and selection of heroes. This game allows its player to upgrade the ability of the heroes of the game, and also, you can upgrade the weapons that you use in the fight, so it is also helpful for the player to improve their battle experience.

Shadow Fight 4 APK 1.8.20 (Free Download Latest Version 2024)

What is Shadow Fight 4?

The Shadow Fight is a game about battle and action with many features and fighting skills; in this game, we can learn about the fighting skills stepwise from the start toward the difficult skills. In this game, at the start, you will meet the game

character named Shadow Fight 4, who knows everything about fighting and fighting skills. He tells us about a gate named the Shadow Gate.

The player has to destroy the shadow gate, which will help to spread the shadow energy all over the world; you can also hear the sound of the Shadow that can attract you toward him to find the purpose of his presence. They are too weak before long, but after time passes, they become strong. A lot of people fight against them, but they defeat them all.

As the people try to fight against them, they become stronger. In the start, the Shadow will tell the player that many of fighters fighting against him can never succeed. Whenever people capture or control him, they fail in their mission, and the Shadow attains another form.

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In this game, you experience and listen to the formation of the Shadow Fight 4, what they become a shadow, and then they remain in the shadow form, and after some reaction, they can change their structure or shape as they feel the danger from anything. The Shadow is powerful, and nobody competes with him without greater fighting skills; this game has a guiding mode through which you can learn the correct moves against the Shadow.

Shadow Fight 4 APK 1.8.20 (Free Download Latest Version 2024)

Main Features

  • Classic Console Control
  • Tasks
  • Upgrade mode
  • Various heroes
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Battle pass
  • Friend share mode
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Customization
  • Interface
  • Download

Classic Console Control

This is the most friendly feature of the game, through which you can easily control your character and fight against the Shadow. The character’s movement becomes easier due to its effect, and you can also control the weapons through the console control.


In this game, the player has to face a lot of tasks that become more difficult as the player moves toward the next level, so the player has to be stronger and prepare to fight against the enemies.

Various heroes

In this game, many heroes are available; you can choose the hero according to your needs and fight against the enemies with your favorite hero. The heroes are famous for their specific power, so you must choose the perfect hero for that fighting time or condition.

Multiplayer mode

This game has multiplayer mode through which you can enjoy with your companions and fight against your enemies together. You can also enjoy the Shadow fight with your friends by sharing the game and playing with them online through the multiplayer mode.

Battle pass

This feature can enable the player to unlock many features, and it also provides you features and tools for your needs; you can use this pass as your monthly subscription and unlock the features.

Shadow Fight 4 APK 1.8.20 (Download Latest Version 2024)


The sound of this has another level; you can hear the sound of Shadow, through which you can understand the story of the Shadow, and this also gives sound on every option of the game.


The interface is the most important in every game; this game has a friendly interface. You can easily handle it and understand all the options and tasks of the game. It is also helpful feature of the game through which you can understand the instructions of the game and fighting skills.

Key Features

  • Battle pass
  • New Music Library
  • Revamped User Interface
  • Enhanced Graphic Quality
  • Upgraded Battle Mechanics
  • Expanded Storyline
  • Improved Farming and Building Mechanics
  • Additional Customization Options
  • Optimized Performance
  • Lots of new animations
  • Addition of 100+ new weapons
  • Outfits new collection
  • Addition of animation
  • Addition of skins
  • Guidelines
  • Music library with an additional soundtrack

Pros and cons


  • Multiple players
  • Various heroes
  • 3D Graphics and animation
  • Master control


  • Difficult tasks from the start of the game
  • Glitch in animation

Game Modes

  • Endless mode
  • Custom mode
  • Arena Battles
  • Multiple players mode
  • Upgrade mode
  • Feedback
  • Quests
  • Animation
  • Easy to access
  • Free of cost

What is new in Shadow Fight 4?

In the updated and the latest version of Shadow Fight 4, you can enjoy and use a lot of new features, battle pass is the feature through which you can unlock and enjoy a lot of new features, and you can also enjoy the seasons of the game. The console control is another updated feature that can help control the game’s character, and you can also enjoy the features of the game in easy way.


The action game Shadow Fight 4, is where you can enjoy many fighting features and skills that are helpful in your real-life experience; in this game, you can enjoy the Shadow fight with your friend through the online connection and play like a group in the game. This game allows its player to select their heroes who are famous due to their powers and abilities. You can select according to the situation in the fight, and the graphics can enter you like a real-life fight experience with high-quality animation.

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