Last Train JK APK (Latest Version 1.5.4) for Android

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  • Version: 1.5.4

Updated to version 1.5.4!

If you travel the world with adventure, action, and some horror touch, want to play with these features? If yes, we will tell you about a game full of features, adventures, and actions: Last Train JK APK. You will experience the dark world with adventure and action in this game, and Moyasix develops this game with great features and high graphics. 

The Last Train JK APK is about the night and traveling in a train; a high school student is accidentally stuck in this train, and dangerous horror things are happening to him. He has to survive on the train until someone comes and escapes him from danger, and in this game, you will enjoy many features like a real soundtrack experience, high-quality 3D graphics, and many more. 

In this game, you will also experience the puzzle mode with many tasks, and you have to set and solve the puzzles to survive on the train and escape from the train. The puzzles in the game also give the players a clue to defend themselves with evil powers, which will become the most exciting journey of their lives.

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The most attractive feature of this game is the interface design and control; the design of the interface is catching and can easily attract the players toward the game to play it, and the second is the control of the interface is friendly that a beginner player will also handle the game easily, you can easily purchase this game from google play store without any cast or any payment.  

Last Train JK APK (Latest Version 1.5.4) for Android

What is Last Train JK APK? 

The Last Train JK APK is a game about action, horror, and adventure. As a combo of these features, you will enjoy the features of this game. This is a story-based game in which you can experience and enjoy the story of a boy, and you will play that boy’s character in the game. You can learn many fight skills during the fight with the bad powers. 

The story of this game starts in a high school. A boy studies in that high school and always travels by train, One day he returned from school, and when he arrived at the railway station for the train, it was about sunset. He started waiting for the train, and after a few minutes, his train arrived. 

He rides on the train, feels sleepy, and after some when he wakes up from sleep, he sees that the train is empty and he is the only passenger on the train. He tries to open the train door, but he cannot open it. Then he realizes he is stuck in the rain and can not do anything; he also hears horror sounds from the train. 

The only way to their safety to earn the mysterious girls‘ trust is to help them to come out from the train abe nd safe from the viral virus or evils in the city. They have some powers that can help the player output often. In the game, you will also learn many new skills to help you easily face problems and evil powers.

Last Train JK APK (Latest Version 1.5.4) for Android

Amazing Features of Last Train JK APK

  • Catchy Storyline
  • 3D graphics 
  • Animation 
  • Upgrade mode 
  • Customization mode 
  • Real Soundtrack
  • Various evils 
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Various weapons 
  • Easy to access 
  • Easy to download
  • Many more

Catchy Storyline

The Last Train JK APK is based upon the Japanese style, with an engaging and attractive story; this game will experience horror and adventure as a combo.

Last Train JK APK (Latest Version 1.5.4) for Android

3D graphics 

The graphics of this game with high-quality animation is the best combination for a player to experience the adventure of real life.

Upgrade mode 

In this game, you will upgrade your tools, character, and training by completing the tasks, missions, and puzzles given in the game. 

Last Train JK APK (Latest Version 1.5.4) for Android

Customization mode 

The costumes of the Last Train game are amazing and outstanding in that you can choose outfits for your character and dress up according to your choice; you will customize the powered women in the game.

Real Soundtrack

This is the game’s most attractive and realistic feature, through which you can hear and produce sounds like real evils. 

Various evils 

In this game, you will meet and fight with a lot of powerful evils, which come to destroy your city; you have to build relationships with women for your protection.

Multiplayer mode

In this game feature, you will invite your friends for the Last Train to play and fight with evil powers; in this feature, you will also control your friends’ gameplay and play like a group. 

Various weapons 

For fighting purposes, the game will provide you with any weapons and tools to fight against again. 

Key Features 

  • Realistic sound 
  • Attractive storyline 
  • Adult system 
  • Animation with great quality 
  • High graphics 
  • Multiplayer mode 
  • Revamped User Interface
  •  Enhanced Graphic Quality
  •  Upgraded Mechanics
  •  Expanded Storyline
  •  Additional Customization Options
  •  Optimized Performance
  •  Play the role of the protector
  •  Outfits new collection
  •  Attractive gameplay
  •  Addition of Animation
  •  Addition of skins
  •  Mapping mode with guidelines
  •  Music library with an additional soundtrack
  •  And many more

Pros and Cons


  • Strictive storyline 
  • Amazing soundtrack 
  • Sharing mode 
  • Free of cost 


  • A glitch in graphics on some levels
  • Repetitive tasks in some chapters 

Game Modes 

  • Upgrade Machism 
  • Engaging Storyline 
  • Endless mode 
  • Real sound touch 
  • Animation 
  • Feedback 
  • Free of cost 
  • Mega Pizza plex
  • 3D Graphics 
  • Friendly interface 
  • Download
  • And many more   

What is new in Last Train JK APK?

In the Last Train JK APK latest version, you can experience more features with better experience that can enhance your gaming experience; new levels are introduced in the latest version with a new touch of high graphics. 3D graphics are introduced in the game with attractive and outstanding animations, which give you real-life experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:1 Can we play Last Tain JK APK on iOS devices?

Ans: Yes, you can play the Last Tain JK APK on your iOS devices with the same features and skills as the Android version of the game.

Q:2 Can we upgrade the feature of Last Tain JK APK?

Ans: Yes, you can upgrade the features of the Last Tain JK APK by completing your tasks, levels, and motions required for the game’s updating process. 

Q:3 Is Last Tain JK APK safe to play and download?

Ans: You can freely play Last Tain JK APK without any safety tension for your device and personal information.  


The Last Train JK APK is a game about adventure, action, and storyline. In the game, you will experience many new features that can enhance your gaming experience. The storyline of this game is based on the Japanese theme, and it starts with a high school boy, and he went to the home on a train. Having a twist, he locks himself in the train to prevent the evil powers. Some powered women come to protect them, and the boys must build relations with them, and she can help them free from danger. 


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