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Updated to version 2.10.6!

If you want to play a fighting game in which you play the role of a superhero and fight against the evils or enemies? If yes, we have good news for you: we have information about a game in which you play a superhero role. Dragon Nest 2 Evolution APK game has many features, skills, and tools to help players fight against evil people.

The Shengqu Games developed this; in this game, they want to introduce many new fighting skills into it. In this, you experience many fighting skills that will help to improve your fighting skills and learn how to kill enemies in the superhero style. You can also experience the style of different heroes in the game with the ability to change the style and features. 

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution APK meets with many Dungeons, and you can also experience the theme area of the game, which gives you a real-life experience. The theme of this game is based on the fighting skills of  Altea continent which can help the players to learn the unique skills of Altea. 

The basic platform of this game is Android with a capacity of 6.0 or up; in that requirement, you can play the game smoothly because it has a little bit of high storage, and in your low-capacity devices, it can not run smoothly. In this game, you must complete the given missions to move toward the next mission or levels that will improve your fighting skills.


What is Dragon Nest 2 Evolution APK?

The Dragon Nest 2 Evolution APK is a game about fighting and preventing skills from your enemies; you can also use many tools or weapons that can give you a better fighting experience. This game is a theme-based game in which you can experience the fighting skills of the Altea continent and explore the area.

The story of this game starts in the  Altea Continent; the princess of the continent is very beautiful, but once she comes out of her castle for an outing with her friends sud, suddenly, The dragons reach the forest they had already reached. The Dragon comes near the princess, kidnaps her, and goes to the continent’s darker area. 

This news Spreads like fire in the continent, and the king announces that if someone backs her daughter, he will give him a huge amount or reward her with what they want. A young man agrees and comes to the darker area in search of the princess; as he enters the area, some evil powers or evils fight with him. 

Their main purpose is to prevent young men from reaching where the princess has been imprisoned; finally, he fights all the evil powers, and he succeeds in freeing her from the cage of the Dragon or the evils. This game has unique fighting skills that will help you fight against evil powers, and it can also enhance your gaming experience.

Main Features

  • Engaging storyline 
  • 3D graphics 
  • Many characters 
  • Various weapons 
  • Soundtrack 
  • Upgrade mode
  • Fighting skills 
  • Interface 
  • Easy to access  
  • Animation 
  • Download 

Engaging storyline 

The game’s storyline is unique in that you can explore the beautiful area of the Altea Continent, giving you a better fighting experience with Dragon or evil powers. 


3D Graphics

 The graphics of this game are very fine in quality, giving you a better fighting experience with high graphics and also you will enjoy the game with the quality of graphics. 

Many characters 

In this game, you will meet with many characters expressed as the heroes or the evil characters, which is a great gaming combination. 


The soundtrack of the game is very fine and smooth with great quality music which can also enhance the gaming features of the game. 

Fighting skills 

You can also learn a lot of fighting skills in the game, which may help you in the action games. It also has many modes or styles of fighting, which are labeled with different heroes with their names so that you can experience different fighting styles in the game. 


The interface of this game is very friendly; you can easily handle all the features and tools of the game, which are understandable even for a child player. 


The game’s animation is best combined with the high quality of the graphics, so this game provides you with animations rather than older versions for a better gaming experience. 

Key Features 

  • Mapping mode 
  • Multiplayer mode 
  • Animation with great quality 
  • High graphics
  • Upgrade mode 
  • Various weapons
  • Revamped User Interface
  •  Enhanced Graphic Quality
  •   Expanded Storyline
  •  Additional Customization Options
  •  Optimized Performance
  •  Play the role of the protector
  •  Outfits new collection
  •  Attractive gameplay
  •  Addition of Animation
  •  Addition of skins
  •  Mapping mode with guidelines
  •  Music library with an additional soundtrack
  •  And many more

Pros and Cons


  • Learn many new fighting skills 
  • Engaging storyline 
  • Mapping mode 
  • Interaction with many characters 
  • Easy to access 



Repetition of tasks 

Limited customization 

Game Modes 

  • Mapping mode 
  • Endless mode 
  • Multiplayers mode 
  • Customization 
  • Engaging storyline
  • Theme-based area 
  • Animation 
  • Upgrade mode 
  • Various weapons
  • Feedback
  • Unlocking mode  
  • Easy to access 
  • Free to download 

What is new in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution APK?

In the latest version of the Dragon Nest 3 Evolution APK, you can experience many new and updated features: high graphic of the animation gives you a better gaming experience, and it can enter a player into the realistic area of  Altea Continent due to all of the game’s graphics. The most impressive feature of the game is multiplayer mode, which allows its player to invite their friends to join the game with them, and this feature gives you the experience of teamwork.    

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:1 Is the Dragon Nest 2 Evolution free of cost?

Ans: Yes, the game Dragon Nest Evolution is free of cost, you have only Android devices with 6.0 capacity and download it from the Google Play Store.  

Q:2 Is the Dragon Nest 2 Evolution safe to play and download?

Ans: Yes, the Dragon Nest 2 Evolution game is safe to play, and the download method is safe and easy for the player, so you have no worries. 

Q:3 Can we unlock the features in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution?

Ans: Yes, in the updated version of the Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, you can unlock the features easily, or it may be already unlocked for the players.


The game Dragon Nest 2 Evolution APK is a fighting and action game in which you can learn about the new skills of fighting against the evils, this is story-based and also a theme-based game. In this game, you will explore the large area of the Altea Continent, giving you real-life experience of the area as you are there. You can unlock the game’s features easily, which will help you become a superhero by using the different styles of the different heroes.


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